Account Sync

Syncing Account Data

Pro Feature: This feature requires a license. Compare Licenses

Synced and Up-to-date

Once you're logged in on the app you will notice a green sync icon in the top right of the app, this indicates everything is synced and up-to-date.

Disable Syncing

To disable syncing you can double click the green icon.

Force a Re-Sync

To force a re-sync, simply click the green icon once!

Syncing In Progress

When you see this, we're currently encrypting / decrypting the latest data to or from your account.

You should avoid closing the app during this process.

Sync Disabled

When you see the icon below in the top right hand corner, this means syncing is currently disabled.

Enable Syncing

To enable or re-enable syncing, double click this icon, the syncing icon will then turn green and immediately turn orange (in order to update your account data), eventually this will return back to green once everything has been updated.

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