Encryption of Data

We use "RSAES-OAEP" cryptographic algorithm to encrypt the following data:

  • Connections

  • Diagnostic Tools

  • SSH Snippets

  • Schedules

  • Local Servers

  • Server Monitoring

All data is encrypted with "SHA-256" hash with a 2,048 bit RSA-OAEP key data length, we also use the AES-GCM cipher with 256 bits to provide both privacy (encryption) and integrity.

More about our encryption

Encryption of Public / Private Keys

We use the "PBKDF2" derivation to password protect the private key. This uses parts of your account data (including but not limited to your password). If you forget your account password any data encrypted (i.e. synced data) will be lost.

NOTE: Forgetting your account password will result in synced data being lost.

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