Upgrade License to Subscription

Bought a Pro license but now require a feature thats only available in the subscription license?

Currently we do not have a process for upgrading a license to a subscription model within our app, however you can contact our support team at help@sftpapp.com to have this upgraded for you.

Will I still be charged the full price of a subscription license whilst having already bought a Pro license?

No! Anyone who's bought a Pro license will get an amazing 50% off our subscription price.

You can choose to pay monthly or yearly, and even better you will still benefit from our Volume Discounts if you bought more than one license and require these licenses to be upgraded. If you don't plan to upgrade all your licenses, please check our Volume Discounts page for the discount you will receive on the licenses you plan to upgrade.

What happens when I downgrade from subscription back to Pro?

Downgrading your license will enable you to have all your original Pro features (and any new features we've released under the Pro license), you just wont be able to access your Team Workspaces or items, and any other subscription features we release.

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