EPERM: operation not permitted error?

Some users face this issue when installing our app from an App Store (i.e. Mac App Store, Ubuntu Software Centre, Snap, etc).

To resolve this issue, simply install our downloadable version of our app from our website.

This issue is caused by the app stores sandbox environments causing issues on previously allowed directories.

MacOS Users:

Step 1: Uninstall previously installed macOS App Store version.

Step 2: Download our native app from our website and install it.

Step 3: Go to your System Preferences and follow the instructions below to gain full disk access for our app.

  • A: Go to Security & Privacy

  • B: Go to Privacy tab and go down to Full Disk Access

  • C: Unlock System Preferences to make changes

  • D: Click the plus icon and select our app from the list

  • E: Click the lock icon to save the changes

  • F: Restart your device for changes to take effect

Can I connect to a local FTP/SFTP network?

Yes! our sFTP Client app has full support for connecting to local networks, as this is a native app and not a web-based app you can connect to any internal / external FTP / SFTP networks.

What do I enter in the Host, Username and Password fields?

You need to enter the hostname (something like "" or "") of the server you want to transfer files from or to, and the username (something like "smith97" or "billsbakery") and password for your account on that server.

If this is an account you've purchased from an Internet service provider or hosting company, that provider should be able to tell you what to enter, depending on the package you've purchased from them and the level of support they provide.

How do I disconnect from a server?

Simple click on the red cross on the right hand side of the tab in which you're connected, this will cease activity within that connection.

How do I change File Permissions on a File / Folder?

Simply click on all files / folders in which you wish to change, right click (left click if you have your mouse setup to a left hand user) over any of the selected items, from the menu that appears you will see File Permissions, click on the relevant check boxes or change the numeric value to update the File / Folder permissions.

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