Delete My Account

Deleting an account is irreversible after 2 weeks of this process taking place, please be sure of your action, before closing your account.

If you no longer wish to use any of sFTP App's services, you can now close your account directly from your account area: (instead of emailing us a request)

Note: Deletion requests sent to us via email will now be ignored, please use the self service provided from your account area.

Your account data cannot be restored after 2 weeks of this process taking place.

Your account cannot be closed if you have an active subscription license, you must cancel this before hand.

What happens to my data?

To comply with the GDPR "Right to erasure", all account data is deleted within 30 days (from the following day when you've closed your account). If you made your account searchable, this will be disabled straight away when you close your account.

Account Deletion Process



1st/2nd.Week (first 14 days)

Your account will be disabled, removed from the public search (if enabled) and revoked from any devices currently logged into your account. If you've changed your mind and decide you'd like to keep your account, you can email our support to re-enable your account within the first 14 days.

3rd Week

We remove all account related data: (including but not limited to)

  • Account Details (e.g. name, email, phone number, address, etc)

  • Workspaces (owned by you)

  • Synced Items (owned by you)

  • Public / Private Keys

  • License(s)

    • Subscriptions will not be cancelled (contact us for this)

    • Pro licenses will be terminated and cannot be:

      • Recovered

      • Re-instated

      • Transferred to another account.

  • Payment Details (these will still remain with payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe, we do not have control over this data nor can we request a removal due to money laundering, fraud or any criminal activity)

  • Order Information (details you filled out when purchasing a license)

  • Tokenised Data (saved cards)

4th Week

Account data is removed from backups.

What happens to my license?

If you have a license attached to your account, you can request the owner of the license to revoke this license from your account and re-assign it to someone else. If you own the license your license will be terminated and cannot be transferred or re-instated if you chose to return.

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