We now support 100 different languages for our apps!

We have translated sFTP Client into 99 other languages (100 total languages including english). sFTP Client is the only File Transfer application to support so many languages.

Changing Language Preference

To change your language preference, you can head straight to the Preferences dialog on our app, and follow the instructions below:

1. Click the grey cog icon: (Preferences)

2. Select the "General" section.

3. Select your language of choice from the language dropdown menu.

Done: You've now changed your default language.

Contributing to Languages

We know our language translations aren't perfect and that's why we're allowing our users to help contribute to our language repository over on GitHub.

When contributing translations please ensure you do a Pull Request, and once we're able to confirm the translations we'll merge your request and in return you'll get contributions added to your GitHub account.

You can also update the README with your name and link to your profile or domain for helping.

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