Standard Features:

    Quick Connect (basic connections only)
    Local Directory Selection (Browse HDD, USB's, Network, etc)
    Themes (Light / Dark + 6 colours)
    Multiple Connections
    Standard FTP
      Anonymous login
      Normal login
      Ask for password
      Anonymous login
      Normal login
      Ask for password
    SFTP / SSH
      Anonymous login
      Normal login
      Ask for password
      RSA private key (OpenSSH format)
        When adding a private key the app will try to convert your key to use the OpenSSH format where possible.
    Compare Directories
    Preserve Connection Logs
    Connection Notes (if sync enabled these will also be encrypted)
    Connection Tags (filter connection manager by tags)
    Auto Updating Local Directory List
    Directory Status Bar (count files, folders, size)
    Multiple & Large File Transfers (with speed and remaining time)
    Key File Login for SFTP / SSH Connections
    Drag & Drop Support (Uploads / Downloads)
    Basic File Editor (Tabbed Files, Customisation)
    Keep Alive Connections
    Synchronised Directory Browsing
    Import from FileZilla, sFTP Client v3 and sFTP Client v2
    Rename & Delete Files (Local / Remote)
    Create New File / Directory (Local / Remote)
    Refresh Local and Remote Lists
    Sort and Resize Columns
    Copy file / folder full path (now available in v3.4.5)
    Transfer Queue (Queued, failed and completed files and folders)
    Connect to Remote FTP / SFTP / SSH servers (External & Internal)
    Change File / Folder Permissions (By Checkbox or Value: e.g. 777)
    Bookmark folders (coming soon)
    Master Password (coming soon)
    Export Connection Logs (now available in v3.4.5)

Pro Features:

Everything included from Standard Features, plus:
    Cloud Services
      Amazon S3 Storage
      Amazon S3 Console / Instances (coming soon)
      Backblaze B2 Storage
      Google Cloud Storage
      Google Cloud Console / Instances (coming soon)
      Google Drive (coming soon)
      OpenStack Swift (coming soon)
      NextCloud (coming soon)
      Microsoft Azure (coming soon)
      Microsoft OneDrive (coming soon)
    SSH Terminal (available on all SFTP / SSH connections)
    SSH Snippets (save and execute commands)
    Open folder from file transfer to SSH Terminal (v3.4.3+)
    Edit file from file transfer to SSH Terminal (v3.4.3+)
    Diagnostic Tools
    Port Forwarding
    Search for files / folders
      In your entire connection (from current path)
      In your current directory listing
    Sync Data between your devices:
      Diagnostic Tools
      SSH Snippets
      Personal Workspaces
    Local FTP / SFTP Server (coming soon)
    Serial Console FTDI (coming soon) - Requested by Cisco Systems
    Advanced Editor (now available in v3.4.3+)
    Scriptable Interface / API (coming soon)
    Mount Services as Network Drive (coming soon)

Team / Business Features:

Everything included from Standard Features and Pro Features, plus:
    Team Workspaces
    Team Connections
    Team Diagnostic Tools
    Team SSH Snippets
    Team Item Notes
    Connection Hopping (coming soon)
    Server to Server Transfers (now available in v3.4.6)
    Sync Data between your devices:
      All of Pro Sync Data features, plus:
        Server Monitoring (coming soon in v3.5)
        Team Workspaces
    Schedules (coming soon - v3.5)
    Server Monitoring (coming soon)
Team / Business requires a subscription or business license.
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