You can manage the Layout settings on our app by going to Preferences -> Layout

What can be managed in Preferences

  • Latest Information / Feedback

    • You can choose to hide / show this on the main opening of our app

  • Connection Log

    • Show above local / remote directory views

    • Show as a main tab (similar to File Transfers tab)

    • Show as tab within transfer queue

  • Local / Remote Directories

    • Enable this option to swap the directory views

  • Transfer Queue

    • Show / hide this within connections

  • Local / Remote Directory Treeview

    • Show / hide the directory treeview (appears above directory listing)

  • Vertical Directory Treeview

    • Show the directory treeview next to the directory listing instead of above

  • Connection Log

    • Show / hide the connection log (appears above local / remote directory view)

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