Assigning a License

If you've bought more than one license or on behalf of someone else, you can assign a license key to another user using their email address (they must be registered first).

1. Hover over your account name in the top right

Select "Manage License Keys" to head to your user profile.

2. Find the license key you wish to assign to a user

Once you've found the license, click the grey cog icon to enter the license key.

3. Click the green plus icon to assign a user

Clicking the green plus icon will open a new dialog

4. Search for the user

Enter the users email address and click the green "Search" button, once you see the user, click on the blue "Select" button to assign the user. You will not have to do anything additional, once the user has been selected the user can go to their account and see the license straight away.

Note: The user must have their account to be Searchable in order to find their account, if the account does not show up, tell the user to go to their Profile and enable the "Searchable" option in their account. The user can disable this once the license key has been assigned to them.

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