Transfers / Connections

You can manage Transfer & Connection settings on our application by going to Preferences -> Transfers / Connections

What can be managed here

  • Maximum Simultaneous Transfers (FTP / FTPS)

    • Defaulted to 3 transfers

    • If you have a slow internet connection you may want to change this to 1 or 2.

    • If you have a fast internet connection you may want to change this to 5 or even up to 10.

    • Be aware some FTP / FTPS connections can limit the number of open connections streams to a max of 3 (each transfer will use 1 stream, your open connection will also use 1 stream, this means you'll need to limit this to 2 transfers at a time).

  • Maximum Simultaneous Transfers (SFTP / SSH)

    • Defaulted to 5 transfers

    • A higher transfer limit is usual on an SFTP / SSH connection as this can handle more streams than a normal FTP / FTPS connection as it is rarely limited.

  • Max Transfer Attempts

    • Each transfer attempt will try to create a directory (if needed) and will send a new request to the server to accept the file (if you have a problematic server you may want to set a high number here).

    • Files / Folders can largely fail due to permission issues on your server

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