We currently don't have any billing services available within our apps. This will however be available later this year, where you can manage invoices, see payment records against those invoices and even manage your saved cards.

If you currently have any billing enquiries you can simply send across an email to:

If you are not yet a customer and have some pre-sale questions or queries please email us at:

Note: We are not currently VAT registered, therefore invoices will not include VAT.

Receipt of Payment

Apple Mac App Store (iTunes)

If you purchased using your Apple iTunes account, you will get an email receipt of your purchase, this will be your proof of purchase.

Debit / Credit Card Payments

If you purchased via our app or on our website using the debit / credit card option, you will receive an email receipt from Stripe, this will be your proof of purchase.

PayPal (Express Checkout)

If you purchased via PayPal from our app or on our website, you will have an email receipt as well as an online copy, b y simply providing us with your PayPal Transaction ID we can locate your proof of purchase.

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