Volume Discounts

Purchasing for multiple users? Take a look at our volume discounts we have available!

Take a look at our volume discount table below:

License Quantity

Discount Applied

1 - 2 Licenses

No Discount

3 - 24 Licenses

10% Discount

25 - 49 Licenses

15% Discount

50 - 74 Licenses

20% Discount

75 - 99 Licenses

25% Discount

100+ Licenses

30% Discount

Volume Licensing: Discounts outlined above are automatically applied when purchasing.

Note: If you're purchasing more than 100 licenses please consider using a site license.

Bespoke Discounts

If you're looking to purchase multiple licenses and would like to request a bespoke discount, please provide us with your proposal, containing the amount of licenses you wish to acquire, the license type, the amount you'd like to obtain the licenses for and method of payment, we'll then either provide you with a counter-offer, accept your proposal or simply decline your proposal.

Example Discount Offer

To: help@sftpapp.com From: [your account email address] Subject: Bespoke Discount Request Message:We'd like to obtain a bespoke discount for our company "XYZ" for the following license: License Type: Pro Lifetime License License Quantity: 820 Discount Requested: 50% Discount (optional - if providing payment amount) Payment Amount: £10,625.00 GBP (optional - if providing discount) Payment Method: Bank Transfer (Faster Payments) We look forward to hearing from you! Regards [NAME] [JOB TITLE] [XYZ]

When specifying a payment amount, currency must be in USD,. GBP or EUR.

Note: Sending us an email or live chat asking for a discount without providing information above will be ignored.

Bespoke discounts are for volume licensing only.

Need a Site License?

A site license becomes more affordable when you require more than 100 licenses, however site licenses do have a dis-advantage, so do ensure you purchase according to whats right for you.

Benefits of a Site License

  • Unlimited user activations.

  • Assign multiple users without extra charges.

  • Revoke licensed users at anytime.

  • Once license activated on-site, your user can use their license from anywhere (i.e. if you have remote users)

  • Users can remotely access their license if your office / location has a VPN that your user can access.

Dis-advantages of a Site License

  • Activations are IP locked (a maximum of 2 IP addresses can be added to your site license).

  • Site licenses are per location / building (if you have multiple offices you will need a site license for each office location).

  • You'll only have one license for all users, you will not be able to generate a license for each user.

Note: You are not required to purchase a site license when ordering 100+ licenses, if you prefer each user to have their own license and not be IP restricted feel free to order a normal lifetime license or team subscription (choose depending on your requirements).

Purchase a Site License

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