Forgot Password

Unfortunately forgetting a password happens, and probably more often than you think!

Resetting Your Password

Currently our v3 app lacks forgotten password capabilities, however this will be released in a future update to allow this process to become more seamless.

If you have found yourself to have forgotten a password, please email us using the email address below:

To: From: [your account email address] Subject: Reset My Password Message:I give my consent for you to change my password and I confirm by resetting my account password I will lose any data that was synced to my account.

NOTE: When requesting a password reset, any data you have synced will be lost. Why?

Why will my data be lost when resetting my password?

We use public / private keys to encrypt your data, part of this encryption process involves your account password, therefore forgetting your password makes it unrecoverable.

Whats a Public Key?

A public key is whats used to encrypt your data, when your sharing data within a team or workspace your public key is shared to other users within that team or workspace, this is so that when a user creates a shareable item (e.g. a connection, ssh snippet, etc) they will use your their public key, your public key and other team members public key to encrypt that data.

Whats a Private Key?

A private key is used to decrypt data that was encrypted by your public key, and only you have access to the private key. Your private key is also encoded with a passphrase and can only be decoded with the correct passphrase being used.

We use your account password as part of the passphrase to unlock your private key. If you forget your account password, your private key becomes unrecoverable, therefore leaving your account data to be permanently encrypted and locked.

How to avoid forgetting a password

Many services now require you to have an account to streamline and enhance your experience with their service or product, this obviously causes a big problem of forgetting the account details you use in order to login to their service or product, this usually tends to be the password, but in some cases can also be the email address, specially if you have multiple for side projects, work, and personal uses.

To avoid forgetting your password there is now a wider choice of providers giving you the ability to safely and securely store your login details for multiple services in one place, and even have your details pre-filled on supported services / products.

Password Managers

We wont tell you which one is the best, or the most simplistic, since everyone has their own preferences, however we'll provide a list below of the most highly recommended / used services:

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